Global Builders program hits 500-trip milestone

Photo: The 500th Fuller Center Global Builders team is working this week in La Florida, Peru.

Global Builders program hits 500-trip milestone

Since 2008, The Fuller Center for Housing’s Global Builders program has been supporting international building partners by sending volunteer teams to help build homes. These teams bring willing hands and funds that help get homes built. In fact, the teams have generated more than $3 million to build homes internationally.

These teams not only infuse communities and villages with energy and hope, but they also support local economies, including restaurants,hotels, drivers, laborers and others who enthusiastically welcome the opportunity to work with volunteers.

The program hit the 500-trip milestone this week with a team volunteering in La Florida, Peru, a popular host site through the years. Not only is this the 500th team, but it includes the program’s 6,000th participant.

“It is truly remarkable to think about 500 teams traveling the world and sharing love across the boundaries of country, culture and everything else that divides us,” said Fuller Center Vice President of International Programs Ryan Iafigliola, who noted that the program is running strong again after 2020 put a temporary halt to trips.

“Had it not been for the pandemic, we would have hit the 500th trip two years ago,” he said. “But Covid has taught us to treasure and appreciate just how special and fragile it all is — the ability to traverse the globe and make a difference in people’s lives just by deciding to show up is a real blessing to volunteers and homeowners alike.”


  • It’s so thrilling to read of the impact of Fuller Center around the world, especially at this time of so many negative developments. And it brings back the beautiful memories of my husband Garvin’s and my Global Village travels. Congratulations on furthering Millard’s dream so well.


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