Global Builders Insurance

All registered and paid volunteers of the Fuller Center’s Global Builders program are enrolled in emergency insurance for the official dates of their trip. The official dates are normally the dates listed on our Upcoming Trips page.  

Puerto Rico volunteers are enrolled with Seven Corners — see a summary here — and are not enrolled with Core Travel Insurance.

All other international Global Builders locations are enrolled through the Core Travel Insurance Program, which is explained further below. All volunteers should login and print their ID card prior to their trip.

Core Travel Insurance Information

Login to the Core Travel Insurance website by entering your first and last name as spelled when you registered and by putting exactly Fuller Center on the organization line. Login here:

There you can:

  • Download your insurance ID card
  • Extend your coverage to dates before or after your official trip dates
  • Purchase additional coverage like baggage or higher limits for cancellation due to medical reasons
  • Download claim forms
  • Read extended FAQs that explain the coverage and how it can help