An emotional day at The Fuller Center

By Chris Johnson
Director of Communications

Family, friends and colleagues of Glen Barton gathered today at The Fuller Center for Housing headquarters in Americus to voice tributes to a man who sacrificed tirelessly for others, especially families across the nation.

There were smiles, laughs and tears, but unquestionably the most emotional moment was when Fuller Center homeowner Louis Brossett of Shreveport, La., spoke. Louis, a friendly man who always seems to have a smile on his face, fought back tears as he described how Glen and The Fuller Center came to the rescue … helping him obtain a home and helping a community come back to life.

Louis also unexpectedly broke into song at the conclusion of the service at Andersonville National Cemetery, where Glen’s ashes are now interred. Afterward, I chatted with Louis, who described how amid an atmosphere of hopelessness, hope arrived in the form of Millard Fuller and Glen Barton.

"I still remember exactly how he said, ‘Hi, I’m Glen Barton with The Fuller Center for Housing,’ and it was just like the heavens opened up," Louis said.

Another Shreveport resident, Renee Hooks, spoke of how when should could not attend her daughter’s recital Glen transported her and stopped off at a store to make the night even more special by buying a bouquet of roses.

And those stories just kept coming. The service at Andersonville was more personal with a great speech from Glen’s son, Brian.

We should all leave others with memories of our service, as Glen so evidently did.

Click here to view photos from Friday’s remembrance

The family has requested that any memorials be made in the form of donations to the 2011 Millard Fuller Legacy Build. Click here to donate.

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  • Well said, Chris. Such a great loss for all. I imagine he’s smiling down while enjoying his mansion in Heaven!


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