Give Said The Little Stream

Hoyt Robey
2012 Bicycle Adventurer

I had the chance to lead the pre-ride morning devotional recently. Since our trip is all about service I chose to lead the FCBA in a children’s primary song: “Give Said the Little Stream”. One verse says:

Give said the little stream, give o give, give o give, give said the little stream as it hurried down the hill. I’m small I know, but wherever I go the grass grows greener still. Singing, singing all the way, give away, o give away. Singing, singing all the way give o give away.

During this first week I have seen a group of strangers come together to become a Zion like people. Serving & caring for each other, it seems someone is always there when you need them. Opening a door, moving luggage bags, preparing a meal, changing a flat tire or just quietly riding together to help another rider get through a rough patch.

That service has continued to our sponsors. My heart was warmed to see one of our members ‘Rae’ speaking quietly to a disabled women after the Sunday service. No fanfare or attention, just one human being truly caring about another and REALLY listening.

Most of us did not know one another just a week ago, yet we know each others name and serve each other freely, all in the name of the Fuller Center for Housing (to raise funds to fight poverty housing).

As we ‘cast our bread upon the water’ it has come back to us many fold. Many churches, schools, YMCA’s etc. have treated us kindly. They have cooked for us, even giving us the leftovers, given us a place to sleep or shower. I was blown away when one church in Naselle, WA fed us breakfast at 5:30 AM! And that was after showing us how to cook and feeding us dinner the night before.

It is my belief that this is how the Savior lived and how he wants us to treat each other. It has been a privilege and a pleasure to be part of the Bike Adventure again this year.

See you on the road,
Hoyt Robey

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