Crossroads Missions helps Ginger Ford Northshore with donation of walls

One of the best things about The Fuller Center for Housing’s Annual Conference is the time allotted for networking between learning sessions. It’s a time for sharing ideas and reuniting with good friends. And when you direct a Fuller Center covenant partner that stays as busy as Ginger Ford Northshore Fuller Center for Housing in Hammond, Louisiana, reuniting with friends such as those from CrossRoads Missions is about as good as it gets.

CrossRoads Missions has been a friend to Fuller Center covenant partners for eight years, helping to supply wall packages for houses through its Help Build Hope program. The program has churches assemble walls in their parking lots as a way to participate in mission work even when they don’t have the opportunity or resources to travel for mission work.

Teams of volunteers, usually youth groups, assemble the walls and then ship them to like-minded housing organizations such as The Fuller Center. The wall packages are numbered and easy for volunteers on work sites to put into place when construction begins.

Ginger Ford Northshore Director Tamara Danel not only had a chance to meet with Help Build Hope Coordinator Brian Snively at this year’s Fuller Center Conference and thank him for his support including the commitment that The Fuller Center had secured a dozen wall packages to help Ginger Ford Northshore build more houses. Though the meeting took place in Indianapolis, the wall packages are in New Orleans, just an hour from Danel’s home base of Hammond.

“I’ve still got to raise another $50,000 to $55,000 to complete each one, but it will save money on each of the houses that we will build in the near future,” Danel said. “We’ve got a homeowner that we are currently ready to build for, and we’ve been looking for houses that will fit on a lot because it’s a narrow lot. And one of the house packages that they’re giving us is a four-bedroom, two-bath that will fit perfectly on her narrow lot because it was designed for the narrow lots of New Orleans.”

She added that the city of Hammond will give them another lot in February that was donated to the city by Wells Fargo. A CrossRoads wall package will be used on that one as well.

Danel said that while the financial value of the wall packages is a tremendous contribution, they also get a lift from the ease of assembly and the inspiration that comes pre-packaged, as well.

“When you raise the walls, it’s like putting together a puzzle and that’s very volunteer-friendly,” she said. “And because the walls are built in parking lots in other parts of the country, the walls already have been prayed over, and there’s already prayers and scriptures written on them by other volunteers that have already had their hands on them. That’s really special for the volunteers who are raising the walls, being able to read those messages. It’s really a testimony to them. It makes the project go faster when we’re framing the house.”

If you lead a Fuller Center covenant partner that would like to learn more about building with the help of CrossRoads Missions, email Brenda Barton at

Click here to learn more about CrossRoads Missions, including how and why it was created two decades ago.



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