Generosity and Kindness

by Dave Perry

The ride to Gillette, WY was very pleasant as far as the temperature. The light rain and road construction made me focus on riding safely, but it really was’t that bad. I had plenty of time to reflect upon the ride since I joined in Sioux Falls, SD. It is hard to believe that my two weeks will be up soon. The riding has been challenging and fun, and I’m glad I signed up.
Having never done a trip like this before, I was not sure what to expect. I was very encouraged by everyone’s friendliness and quickly felt a part of the group. Also, everyone seems willing to help out, and the logistical part of the operation runs very well.

What I have liked the best is the generosity and kindness of our hosts. They have been genuinely interested in us and the work we are doing for the Fuller Center. Last night and also at breakfast, the members of St. Paul’s Catholic Church in Sundance, WY really went all out. It was wonderful to sleep in a real bed, and their "pot luck" food was delicious. These are clearly people that are really living their faith, and I found that very encouraging. 

Now I’m in Gillette, WY; showered, in clean clothes and resting. Thank you Lord for these simple comforts.


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