Geaux, Tigers

By Chris Johnson
Director of communications

Before this past October, I’d never set foot in the state of Louisiana. Now, it seems like I hear more about Louisiana than about the greatest state in the nation. (That would be my home state of Georgia, by the way, in case you’re keeping score.) Louisiana has its stamp all over my work lately and even all over my favorite sport, football.

We’re having our covenant partner conference in Americus starting Friday, and I’ve found out that more than a dozen folks from Louisiana will be there. They include familiar faces like Charlie Park, who leads the Webster Parish Fuller Center that hosted the Legacy Build in Minden in October; Tamara Danel of Ginger Ford Northshore; and Lee Jeter, who leads the Northwest Louisiana Fuller Center in the Allendale community of Shreveport, one of our most amazing success stories. And, today, we announced that we’ve got a new covenant partner in New Iberia, La. I’m sure they’ll add to the amazing track record of successes among our Louisiana covenant partners.

All the folks I’ve met from that state, including the week I was there in October for the Legacy Build, are wonderful people, so I’m starting to love Louisiana almost enough to eat a crawdad again.

Oh, I’ve got to hurry up and finish this little blog post so I can run home and watch Louisiana State play Alabama in college football’s national championship. Meanwhile, I’m rooting for the New Orleans Saints in the NFL Playoffs since my Atlanta Falcons got obliterated yesterday.

Even though LSU also obliterated my Georgia Bulldogs, I guess I’ll root for the Tigers to win tonight. Not that I really have a dog (no pun intended) in the fight between Bama and LSU, but I’ve made so many friends from Louisiana in the last few months that I’m even starting to feel a little Cajun myself.

So, for our many friends and connections in the great state of Louisiana, “Geaux, Tigers!”

Read more about our newest covenant partner in Louisiana.

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  • Ok Chris, I will give you that one on football (but they ONLY win after the rematch). Now seriously, I’m so thankful for The Fuller Center for Housing. After the completion of our Home I can’t and won’t sit on the sidelines. This program and the people are so awesome. Faith in Action for people that want and need a helping hand.

    The best part of the homeownership wasn’t just the home but my Relationship with Christ. God never brings you to something that he won’t see you through. It’s a matter of how much are you willing to trust Christ? For me and my Family we will Serve the Lord. Also think of the footprint poem. When you see one set of prints its is Christ that is carrying you.

    Love in Christ

    Virginia Williams

    Geaxu LSU!!!! Geaxu Saints……who dat !!!!!


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