Global Builders Insurance Information

Global Locations (Non-USA)

This insurance program applies for all paid and registered trips through our Fuller Center Global Builders program, except for Puerto Rico trips. For Puerto Rico trips, click here.

Three-Pronged Structure

1. Insurer:

Berkley Accident and Health. Berkley is the name of your insurance company, but you never need to contact them directly. They oversee the program and back it financially.

2. Assistance Provider:

Healix International. Healix is contracted by Berkley to provide all the urgent and emergency Travel Assistance for this insurance program, and it is their phone number and email listed on the ID card below. They have offices around the world and are available 24/7.

Healix also provides the optional Travel Oracle app with health and safety information as well as an Emergency Assistance call button. 

3. Claims:

Cambridge Administrators. Cambridge is contracted by Berkley to manage the financial claims, and when there is a potential claim they suggest volunteers get in touch as soon as possible to discuss the ways the policy can help. They are responsive during business hours of 7:00am – 4:30pm Central time USA and can be reached at Toll Free: (855) 868-7554, and by email at:

Additional Details

Coverage Period:

From the time you leave the United States or your Home Country for Fuller Center travel until you return to your home country. This includes any extra days of international travel before returning to your home country on the same trip — such as if you stay an extra week in the country to sitesee — up to a maximum of 30 consecutive extra days. (This description is non-binding, please see the Description of Coverage linked below for full policy details.)


No additional costs to volunteers beyond your trip fee for policy enrollment or extension within the terms of the policy. 

ID Cards:
Identical for all Fuller Center travelers and available in the section below.

October 13 of each year. The policy may adjust slightly following each renewal.

Learn More About This Coverage

Click on each image below to view the full PDF.

Insurance Coverages Overview

Healix Travel Assistance Services

Benefit Guide

A 3-page printable overview

Description of Coverage

An 18-page detailed description

Healix Travel Assistance

How Healix can help

ID Card

Please print and bring on your trip.

Coverage Overview Presentation

Puerto Rico Insurance

Seven Corners
Assistance Provider:
Seven Corners Assist

To all paid and registered trips to Puerto Rico through our Fuller Center Global Builders program, except for those who reside in Puerto Rico. 

Coverage Plan:

For U.S. residents, the plan defaults to Roundtrip Choice or Roundtrip Elite (MO, MT, NY, WA, PA, and OR), depending upon what is available in your home state. Non-U.S. citizens who reside outside the USA will typically receive Travel Medical Plus. Note: This is provided for general informational purposes only, the full plan documents showing your coverage will be provided directly by Seven Corners.  

Coverage Period:

By default, coverage only includes the official days of your trip as posted on our website here. If you need to extend your coverage, you may do so by contacting Seven Corners directly after you receive an email from them regarding your insurance plan, but this must be done prior to the start date of your coverage. You should receive this email about 1-2 weeks prior to your trip. 

For U.S. residents, Seven Corners should not charge you for extending your coverage so long as your total stay in Puerto Rico is 30 days or less.

Trip Cancellation:

Not Included (Note: For our trips the trip is valued at $0.)

Trip Interruption:

$1,000 of coverage (Note: this is slightly different than shown on the brochure)

ID Cards:
An email giving access to your printable ID cards is sent directly to each participant from Seven Corners ahead of each trip. Please save, print, and bring these with you.


We will re-evaluate and renew or change this plan in October 2023.