Fuller Center’s Ryan Iafigliola talks with Go Abroad about his work and spiritual motivation

(Photo: Ryan Iafigliola at a Fuller Center project in Haiti.)

When Ryan Iafigliola graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 2007, he did not expect that more than a decade later he would be The Fuller Center for Housing’s Director of International Field Operations, helping guide this nonprofit housing ministry’s work in more than 20 countries. However, inspired by his mentor Millard Fuller, he has chosen to make a career of helping families have simple, decent places to live. Go Abroad — a leading platform for connecting people with international opportunities to work, study and volunteers — chatted with Ryan about his work and what motivated him to join The Fuller Center, as well as what continues to drive  him to help others in an extensive interview that you can read in its entirety at the link below:

Go Abroad interview with ryan iafigliola

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