Fuller Center responding to Haiti earthquake

The Fuller Center is making plans to respond to the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that devasted the island nation of Haiti yesterday.

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Haiti is considered the poorest country in the western hemisphere. The initial quake was followed by an estimated 30 damaging aftershocks, according to The New York Times. It devastated the capital city of Port-au-Prince and impacted some 3 million people in a country of 9 million. 

"It is a sad truth that tragedy too often strikes those least able to cope with it," Fuller Center president David Snell said. "This is surely the case with yesterday’s earthquake in Haiti, one of the world’s poorest countries. Thousands upon thousands of families have lost their homes."

The Fuller Center is currently working on plans to provide as many families as possible with solid houses to replace those that were lost.

"Clearly the immediate need is humanitarian relief, but in the longer view the need for adequate shelter to replace destroyed housing will be overwhelming," said Bart Tucker, Executive Director of Disaster ReBuilders. "We are prayerfully considering how to best respond in Haiti at the appropriate time as the recovery gets underway."

Snell said help will come from The Fuller Center in one form or another.

"This is a time for people of faith to come forward and lend a hand. The Fuller Center for Housing is raising funds to help rebuild the destroyed houses and we ask for your help," Snell said.

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