Fuller Center President David Snell's statement on North Korea developments

Just over a week ago, our first Fuller Center for Housing work team to visit the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea returned safely from its historic home-building and peace-building mission. Traveling to North Korea can be an arduous journey anytime, even as our team of six men entered the country at a time of relative stability on the Korean peninsula.

This past weekend, Kim Jong Il, leader of the country since 1994, died of a reported heart attack. His third son, Kim Jong Un, has been named successor. We hope that the transition is peaceful and opens even more doors to opportunities for peace and engagement with other nations.

For now, The Fuller Center for Housing is waiting until the transition of power has been finalized and we have had a chance to review the situation’s potential impact on our mission there before proceeding further. We hope that the new leadership will embrace a relationship with The Fuller Center as an opportunity to help people move into safe and decent housing while establishing relationships that can lead to a more peaceful world.

David Snell, President, The Fuller Center for Housing

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