Fuller Center of Utah County, doTERRA employees help family keep insurance on home

Greater Blessing project with doTERRA employees helps family keep insurance on fourth-generation home

PROVO, Utah — In 1917, Leeza Ridd’s great-grandfather purchased a beautiful Provo Center Street home so that his six daughters could attend Brigham Young University. He planted two sycamore trees in the front yard that grew and flourished as the family did.

Four generations later, however, the sycamore trees were dying, and Leeza’s insurance company threatened to cancel her insurance coverage unless the two massive trees were removed within 90 days. With health and income hardships, Leeza and her disabled son Dawson struggled to find help and nearly lost hope.

The Fuller Center of Utah County then stepped in. They secured professionals to cut down the massive trees. But that left much work to be done.

Fortunately, teams of volunteers from doTERRA Essential Oils Company of Pleasant Grove, Utah stepped up to make quick work of the aftermath as they helped The Fuller Center remove debris and other significant yard waste in a single day — filling a dumpster with the waste and salvaging a significant amount of firewood that was stacked in the backyard for the family’s use.

Leeza told us her mother had an essential oils distillery decades ago, so she was especially touched by the nearly 40 doTERRA employees who donated their time and energy to help them safe stay in their home.

“I’m so grateful for a chance to pay it forward as you all are paying it forward to me,” Leeza said.

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