Fuller Center of Central Indiana puts partnerships to use for families in need

The recent Fuller Center build in Speedway, Ind., — like many Fuller Center for Housing success stories — is a result of partnerships, according to Fuller Center of Central Indiana President Heather Rayka. The house for a single mother and her two children was completed over a span of two weeks this month with funding and volunteers from Allison Transmission, along with major support from Westboro Homes and St. Christopher Parish.

Next month’s Central Indiana build is another example of flourishing partnerships. The Fuller Center will team up with corporate sponsor PNC Bank and building sponsor Davis Building Group to build a home in the Fountain Square neighborhood of Indianapolis. Fountain Square was the host site of the 2010 Millard Fuller Legacy Build, and the neighborhood has seen crime plummet 70 percent since The Fuller Center began working there.

This next build is scheduled for July 8-26. Volunteers are needed except for July 13, which already has been filled to capacity. If you would like to work at the July 8-26 build, please click here.

Team effort gets walls built fast in — where else — Speedway, Ind.
Allison Transmission gearing up for Speedway build.
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  • Hello my name is shane flowers i live wit my grandmother and sister in muncie indiana. My grandmother dianna is on a fixed income…and she pays all the bills and everything all by herself. The house we live in was my great grandmothers that now my grandmother has since my great grandma passed away.and the roof I do believe has never been replaced and when we had that really strong rain about a 3 weeks ago the whole living room ceiling me woke up and it was bowing and wet and the wood was wet for sure and the insulation and there are electic wires up there also..So in a panic my grandmother walked down the street to a gentlemans house who does consruction since we have no vehicle and have a look at it and told her to we need to have our whole roof replaced soon like that day because its gonna cave in or catch the house on fire because there electric wires up there or get mold and get us sick! So my grandma asked how much that would cost because she has no extra money and no help and he said 5-7 thousand dollars. So i am desperate asking for some help for her before we end up homelss. I pray that whoever reads this can truly understand that she has no way to dix the roof and we pray everyday it does not rain. 🙁


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