Fuller Center now accepting vehicle donations

The Fuller Center can now turn old vehicles and property into funds to support its mission, thanks to a partnership with Vehicle Donation Processing Center.

Anyone contemplating getting rid of an old van, truck, car, boat, RV or even unwanted real estate can instead give it to the Fuller Center in exchange for a tax deduction. And in most cases, vehicles will be accepted whether running or not.

It’s as easy as calling the toll-free number, 1-800-320-0476 to arrange for your vehicle to be picked up. You can also visit our donation page for more information. Or fill out the online form now here.

Vehicles will usually be picked up within 48 hours. All transfer documents will be taken care of. Any questions can also be directed to the toll free line where live operators will be ready to answer your inquiries or arrange to pick up your donation.

Vehicle Donation Processing Center, Inc. will take care of all the processing, including selling the vehicle. If the vehicle doesn’t earn enough to cover costs of processing, the Fuller Center will owe nothing.

The Vehicle Donation Processing Center has been in business for close to fourteen years. It has processed almost one million vehicles for more than 400 non-profit organizations and issued more than $60 million to its non-profit partners. It works only with non-profit organizations and charities.

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