Fuller Center Nepal relocates 12 families from floodlands

The Fuller Center Nepal recently completed 12 new homes at Kankad, Kanchanpur.

The homes were built for the Rana Tharu, a group of people living in extreme poverty in the far western region of Kankad. An entire village of 63 houses is being relocated to higher ground out of a swamp area that frequently floods.

Country director G.B. Tamang sent along photos his most recent trip to the site. View a gallery of all the new photos from Nepal.

"They have completed 12 houses so far and we (B.L. Shrestha and Tamang) had very good meetings with the community and Rural Housing office staff there," he said. "Now we are about to build more houses. We met a supplier also, and will be improving some of the building components."

The plots for the 12 homes were donated by Nepal’s Rural Housing Company, an agency that controls most of the country’s land.

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