Fuller Center congratulates India on dedication of 20th home

The Fuller Center for Housing would like to congratulate our covenant partners in India on the dedication of their 20th house. The home for Maniyan and his family was dedicated on Saturday.

T.H. Lawrence, director of the Trivandrum Fuller Center for Housing, says that two more homes are currently under construction.

“The Trivandrum Fuller Center is on a roll!” said Ryan Iafigliola, The Fuller Center for Housing’s Director of International Field Operations. “It seems like they build momentum with each home they complete. With less than 5 percent of their funds going to administrative needs and their excellent repayment rates, every home complete makes the next one that much easier.

“We love Lawrence and all the board of Trivandrum Fuller Center for their meticulous dedication,” Iafigliola added. “The only thing missing now is the next Global Builders trip to get signed up.”


Click here to learn more about the Global Builders work in India.


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