Fuller Center challenge: Sponsor one home in Haiti

The Fuller Center for Housing is challenging your church or congregation, school, office or organization to sponsor at least one home in Haiti as part of its plans to establish a long-term recovery effort there.

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After the January 2010 earthquake, the Haitian government found any available land–including the prime minister’s front lawn–to set up makeshift tents for the up to one million earthquake victims left homeless. But these tents will be insufficient when the rainy season comes in spring.

The Fuller Center aims to construct permanent, safe, low-cost structures for Haitian families by creating partnerships that bring together secure land titles and other community needs such as sanitation, clean water and civic spaces.  Measuring just under 300 square feet, our houses are simple but decent, offering a dry, secure base from which families can begin to put their lives back together. A one-room house can be sponsored for only $4,500.

"The need to respond to the heartbreaking tragedy that hit Haiti is daunting. We invite your organization to take this chance to help," Fuller Center President David Snell said.

An estimated 300,000 churches are in The United States, with an average of 75 participants who worship regularly. If every church would build one house, each member would only need to give $40. The Fuller Center will build as many homes as funding allows. 

Click here for a Classroom/VBS Sponsorship Kit – Lesson plans and cut-out Haiti house "bank" for collecting funds! To use in Vacation Bible School, Sunday school or other classrooms.

Churches and individuals–like those in the stories below–are already getting involved.

  • "I was led by the Holy Spirit to ask a friend if he would help me build a house in Haiti. I acknowledged the trouble he had in his businesses last year. But when I told him the price of the house, he wanted to build two houses. I was reminded what Millard always taught us we must do, to ask and it shall be given. This is why his ministry was so effective. Philippians 4:13 says: We can do all things through Christ who continuously gives us the strength. We are on the move. This is God’s ministry, and God has our back. Seek, ask and knock." –Jacob Battle, Board of Directors
  • The Fuller Center signed a partnership agreement and will be working side-by-side with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, creating volunteer and house-building opportunities in Haiti.
"The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship is honored to be a part of long term planning and rebuilding in Haiti with The Fuller Center," Charles Ray, U.S. Disaster Response Coordinator of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, said. "Together we will continue to change lives in being the presence of Christ.”
  • The assistance and support of faith-based organizations from denominations like Assemblies of God, Mennonites and the Church of the Nazarene helped get this initiative off the ground.


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