Fuller Center board chairman, vice president pen HOPE-ful new book

Fuller Center board chairman, vice president pen HOPE-ful new book

When Jeff Cardwell and a business partner began supporting the work of Habitat for Humanity in Indianapolis in the 1990s, he merely thought it was a worthwhile charitable endeavor.

However, the more excited he got about partnering with families to help them have affordable places to live, the more involved he got in the movement — and the better he got to know the man who started it all, Millard Fuller.

In his new book released this week — “The HOPE Equation” — Cardwell and co-author Chris Johnson (Vice President of Communications for The Fuller Center for Housing, writer, and former print journalist) tell the story of how Fuller would go on to become one of Cardwell’s greatest inspirations. Fuller encouraged Cardwell to stretch his faith and put it further into action.

After being fired by Habitat, Fuller and wife Linda would launch The Fuller Center for Housing in 2005 as a return to the simple, grass-roots principles with which they had started the affordable housing movement decades earlier. Cardwell accepted an invitation to join the Fuller board with a man he still sees as a mentor. Today, Cardwell serves as Chairman of The Fuller Center’s International Board of Directors in addition to running his own nonprofit, The People Helping People Network, which is The Fuller Center’s partner in El Salvador.

Fuller is featured heavily in the early chapters of “The HOPE Equation,” as well as Fuller Center President David Snell, whom Cardwell describes as the perfect person to lead The Fuller Center in the wake of Fuller’s 2009 death.

“I’ve known Jeff for well over a decade now, but I learned so many new things in the course of working on this book with him,” Johnson said. “In fact, there were moments when Jeff and I were putting this together when he obviously recalled something that he had not thought about for a while, and he’d have to take some time to compose himself. There are a lot of powerful moments and stories in this book, yet it’s also a manageable read with fewer than 100 pages.”

The book costs $12.99 at Amazon, with free shipping for Amazon Prime members. All profits from these book sales will support the work of The People Helping People Network, including its partnership with The Fuller Center for Housing in El Salvador.

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