Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure races past $250,000 goal for 2016

The Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure, which has raised more than $1.5 million since its first ride in 2008, had a simple fundraising goal for this year — $250,000.

Fortunately, that goal is history as our record-breaking number of cyclists on the 2016 Bicycle Adventure have already raised more than a quarter-million dollars to help families have simple, decent places to live. Now on their 3,500-mile summer ride from Seattle to Washington, D.C., they’re aiming to raise the bar even higher.

“With a little more kindness they could well make it to the $300,000 mark.” — Fuller Center President David Snell

“Congratulations to the Bicycle Adventurers for reaching the $250,000 mark in fundraising this year,” Fuller Center President David Snell said. “Since the first ride in 2008 the Bicycle Adventure has raised more than a million and a half dollars for the work of The Fuller Center for Housing, benefiting hundreds of families who now have a decent place to live. And they’re not done yet — with a little more kindness they could well make it to the $300,000 mark. God bless them for what they’ve done and continue to do.”

The cyclists took a break from their long rides — averaging about 75 miles per day — to film this short video for you:



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