Free VBS program The Worldwide Mansion finalized, available upon request

Free VBS program The Worldwide Mansion finalized, available upon request

As a foundational principle, The Fuller enter for Housing is not a church but rather a servant of the church. The Fuller Center provides a tangible way for churches to put faith into action — by building and repairing homes so that families across the United States and around the world have simple, decent places to live.

Now, The Fuller Center has a new way to be a servant of the church through a free Vacation Bible School curriculum. Designed by Fuller Center Director of Special Initiatives Jim Barton, who is a priest in the Anglican Church, “The Worldwide Mansion” features music, food, crafts and biblical lessons to show the expanse of God’s love for the entire world.

Fuller Center for Housing President David Snell has long wanted to offer such a VBS curriculum to thank churches for their partnership in this ministry, but putting together all the elements for such a program to be engaging and informative was a daunting task. Fortunately, with the assistance of Fuller Center leaders in Madagascar, El Salvador, Nepal, and Papua New Guinea, Barton was able to organize the many VBS elements and the faith lessons into an easily shareable program.

“We’ve wanted to give something back and realized that our network of international partners provided a meaningful way for us to offer churches something very special — a Vacation Bible School program that would take the kids to faraway places and teach them that in Christ there truly is no East or West, that God created this wonderful world and that He loves us all,” Snell said.

The program features crafts and games related to each of the four countries, as well as snacks that are specific to those nations. Barton credited Snell for testing out the culinary experiences — an adventure in which Fuller Center staffers were eager to participate and test. Each of the country partners also provided music in the form of easily downloadable videos, and lyrics are provided. A complete 59-page guide comes with the program.

“Because the Fuller Center for Housing works with believers from around the world, we are in an exciting position to connect Christian children with one another across cultures,” Barton said. “Churches’ support enables this ministry to be Christ’s hands and feet out in the world, and they deserve our thanks for your commitment to forming children in the image of Christ.”

All of the materials are available for free downloading directly from The Fuller Center for Housing. If you would like to know more about the program or want to express your interest in bringing The Worldwide Mansion to your church, simply fill out this brief interest form, and we will be in touch!



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