Fourth of July in Dinosaur, Colorado

Megan East
FCBA cyclist

Only 3 miles into Colardo and we arrived in Dinosaur.  Our home away from home for the Fourth of July.  Now, most of us have or own favorite holiday tradition and we all thought of home at least once during the day.  But I was happy to call Dinosaur School home for the night. To often our holidays become a list of things to do and we forget to look back on why we are celebrating.  We had plenty of time to explore the dinosaur named streets, take a nap, write postcards, play games, visit the Colorado welcome center (definitely had to get a state map to know how big the mountain passes coming up are) and visit Bed Rock Cafe. Bed Rock Cafe even had a special apple pie shake for the day Fourth of July. We had an American household food staple – mac and cheese – something like 17 boxes in one pot. 

Rae, Jonas and Kyle showed their love for America by holding a parade to display the flag for the fireworks singing God Bless America. They toasted America with root better floats.  We chanted USA around the flag and twirled sparklers.  I would celebrate another holiday here again.  It was so simple.  

Now, I would like to thank Mother Nature for the overcast day we had from Dinosaur to Craig, Co. I also have decided to give away the map I got from the welcome center.  I went into today’s ride thinking, "Sweet, no mountain passes." until the next riding day. Well… passes does not mean no climbing.  I stopped counting the hills when I was at hill 25….so many more than that.  I hate to admit that I had a love hate relationship with up and down and up more and down again and again today.  I’m not good at mountains, or hills for that matter. But to have another simple day like we had in Dinosaur, Co I decided to keep pedaling to Craig, Co.
>Now to bed we go as we prepare for a Fuller Center build day tomorrow in Craig. 

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