Formerly homeless Army veteran gets a home for Christmas

Daniel Baugh says he lost everything, including his home, in Iowa before hopping in his truck and heading south six years ago. He wound up in a Volunteers of America traditional housing center in Shreveport, Louisiana, and kept pulling himself up by his bootstraps as best he could. Last year, he volunteered to help build a Fuller Center home for another once-homeless veteran in Bossier City, Louisiana.

This week, he officially became the owner of the Fuller Center for Housing of Northwest Louisiana’s 58th new home build in the Veterans Village area of Shreveport. He performed his required sweat equity alongside volunteers and will repay the costs of the home with zero-percent mortgage payments of about $400 a month for 20 years — with those repayments helping others get the same hand-up. KTBS-TV has the full story in the video below:

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