“Flat Linda” social media campaign to honor Linda Fuller’s legacy of service


You, too, can start having fun taking Flat Linda photos and help Linda raise $75,000 to build 7 houses in Haiti, Nepal and Macon, Georgia, for Lindas milestone 75th birthday year.
First, PRINT your own copy of Flat Linda. Glue on cardboard, poster paper or a flat fan. Find Flat Linda image link here.
START with yourself … make a selfie. Then take Flat Linda  photos with friends, groups, pets, etc.
VIEW Flat Linda photos and messages that others uploaded to Facebook by searching the #Linda75 hashtag or in The Fuller Center’s Flat Linda photo archive at this link.
UPLOAD your photos to your Facebook page and/or to The Fuller Center’s Flat Linda photo archive. When posting on Facebook, remember to include #Linda75 at the end AND tag as many persons as you can.
Flat Linda loves to “meet” your family, go on trips, to meetings and especially covered dish suppers.
For more ideas, click here.



What is a “Flat Linda”? This is simply a photo of Linda Fuller, co founder of both Habitat for Humanity and The Fuller Center for Housing, that we are asking people to download and share on social media (such as your Facebook, Twitter and/or InstaGram accounts) with the hashtag #Linda75 to celebrate Linda’s legacy of service and spread awareness about her remarkable life.

Where can I download the official “Flat Linda” image, and is it free? Click here to download the official image, and, yes, it’s free.

How do use “Flat Linda” in photos? The short answer is “anyway you want!” We’ve already seen “Flat Linda” with police officers, bankers and Santa Claus. Take “Flat Linda” to a beautiful beach. Have her pose with celebrities. She works well with dogs and cats. Go overseas with her. And the best place to take a photo with “Flat Linda”, of course, is on the site of a Fuller Center project!

Does the #Linda75 hashtag matter? I mean, aren’t hashtags silly? Well, yes, hashtags may have gotten a little out of hand, but, in a case like this, they do matter. The more people who use the hashtag #Linda75, the more likely it is to start trending as a social media topic. And the more it trends, the more people find out about Linda’s work.

I’ve got a fantastic photo of my “Flat Linda” that I’d like to share with everyone. How can I do that? We’re glad you asked! We’ve created a photo gallery where users can upload their favorite “Flat Linda” images, and on occasion we will use some photos from that gallery on our own Facebook and Twitter pages. You can upload your photos directly into our gallery by clicking here.

What do you hope to accomplish with all of this? Mainly, we want to make sure this 75th birthday year is a special one for Linda Fuller — she deserves it. We also want as many people as possible to know about this amazing woman’s life of service, service that continues today. We want media outlets to take note — she’d make a great CNN Hero! And we want to honor Linda by raising $75,000 for Fuller Center projects to be completed in her honor. Click here to contribute to the $75,000 fundraising campaign to honor Linda.

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