Five years of blessings

Five years ago this Friday a group of the faithful met at Koinonia Farm to put together the framework of what was to become the Fuller Center for Housing.  What a five years it’s been.  We’ve grown to have covenant partners in 63 US cities that give us a presence in 26 states.  Last fall we signed a covenant with Dumaguete City, The Philippines, bringing our international presence to 16 countries.  Hundreds of new houses have been built and hundreds more rehabilitated.  All of this has been possible because of the steadfast support of our friends and partners around the world, and on behalf of the families who now have a decent place to live I say a huge Thank You!

More significant than the growth we’ve experienced, though, is the foundation that is being put under this ministry as we pursue Millard’s dream of eliminating poverty housing.  We have some outstanding programs in place that provide a wealth of opportunities for people to get involved.  Of course there are our covenant partners who are the front line of the ministry, building and rehabilitating houses and engaging hundreds of volunteers.  Our Faith Builders program involves churches locally, even in towns that have no covenant partner.  Student Builders brings young people to our work and Global Builders creates mission travel opportunities to our overseas projects while the RV Builders travel to sites in the US.  The Disaster ReBuilders are hard at work in Texas, cleaning up after Hurricane Ike.

Our two big annual events—the Bicycle Adventure and the Millard Fuller Legacy Build—offer great ways to support this work while having a really good time.  The Bicycle Adventure will leave Niagara Falls on June 18 and five weeks and 2,500 miles later arrive at New Orleans, celebrating the Fuller Center all along the way.  The Millard Fuller Legacy Build will take place in Indianapolis during Labor Day week and will result in 10 new houses being built and another 20 rehabilitated, with another 100 houses going up around the world.  There’s room for more volunteers with both of these events!

We’ve had five great years, and though Millard was only with us for four of them I think he’d be proud of how his vision continues to grow.  But we’ve barely scratched the surface.  The need around the world is great and millions of families are living in poverty.  We’re off to a solid start, but the real work is just beginning.  Thank you for your support of this great ministry.  We look forward to partnering with you for years to come! 

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