WEEK IN REVIEW: First in volunteering

By Chris Johnson,
Director of Communications

Did you know that folks actually race each other to become the first to register for the Millard Fuller Legacy Build? Congratulations to Traci Crosby for beating everybody to the punch for the 2014 Legacy Build in Louisville.

I went to Louisville in April to check out the operation, and they’ve got their act together. This is going to be an outstanding build, and there will be plenty of folks lined up behind Traci from the regulars and veterans to newbies and local folks from around the town. The city of Louisville and its residents embrace service and volunteerism like few others. And to ultra-simplify it, the folks are just plain nice.

I’ll be there, too, but I made sure not to register before those in the race … for my own safety, of course. Click here to join us in Louisville or to learn more about the build.

Speaking of volunteers, I had the opportunity to chat with a great one this week when I did a little Q&A with Amara Neng, a Boston lawyer who has co-led three different Global Builders trips to Haiti within the past year. That’s pretty impressive, but her story of how her parents escaped The Killing Fields of Cambodia is even more amazing. Click here to read it.

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