A day off!

Riders had a bit of a break today. Instead of biking extreme distances, the team visited the sites of Pittsburgh and went kayaking in the Allegheny River. 

In the morning, Redeemer Episcopal Church allowed Ryan and the bikers to introduce themselves and describe the purpose of this more-than-a-bike-ride trip. 

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View the videos below for further updates… 

Bike Trip Adventures: Let’s Bobsled – Day 6

Meet Kyle Halat – Whole Way Rider

Meet Chris Cosby

Life-Changing Moments with Ryan Iafigliola


  • I hope you enjoyed your time in Pittsburgh. I had a wonderful time riding with you on Saturday; I only wish I could have spent more time with you. Be safe and have a great ride!

  • Dave, thanks for your help in getting us through the maze of Route 51! Local knowledge is a good thing.

  • I think Ada from the previous video would have been a better type-cast character for this movie clip… !

  • Chris, You’re welcome.

    Ryan- loved your video, was that shot at the Fuller Center?

    To Antone – Exactly where was that picture taken overlooking Connelsville? I want to ride that trail!


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