Finalizing build teams

Today the visiting team left. What a busy week! Construction, traveling, programming, and project planning have been a constant for almost two weeks solid between the SMI visitors and the Lott Carey folks. It really is amazing to see so much initiating and ready to move forward. It’s all happening very quickly and will continue to do so.

This next week will likely be more of the same to get a second location ready in Leogane.


I was told last night that the masons just need 70 more block to finish in Leogane and then they will start pouring some more concrete for the upper bond beam. At this pace we could fix a few kinks and almost block a house every 3-4 days. That is amazing to dig a foundation, pour concrete, and set block in one week.

The local volunteer effort died down this week. There was a tremendous effort to clear the land the first day then it was lost. A few people showed up but not the force that is required. I think we have a plan and that meant a large tool purchase yesterday at my favorite stores in PAP. I purchased 10 pick axes, eight shovels, six wheelbarrows and 30 pairs of gloves for the church. Once the land is cleared, we can build.

Our local guy Moses (pronounced Mois) and his masons will raise the walls. All these tools keep another fellow, Azibe, busy making handles and putting things together. I like the little ability to start reaching out to people and providing a purpose that was not there, say, yesterday. I think the impact will go a long way.

The message is continuing to spread and we already have more requests for housing. That’s not surprising, the fun part is the requests for jobs too. There is such a need for help from the local volunteers–for their own houses and their neighbors–but also to fill the skilled positions. The next couple of weeks we will figure out what a team should consist of so that we might move full speed ahead.

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