Fighting poverty housing … and mice

By Leah Gernetzke
Communications/multimedia specialist 

It’s official: we have a mouse here at the Fuller Center headquarters and it’s a fearless one at that, nefariously popping up as we’re typing away, and skittering around afoot when we least expect it.  

But, as I said in my last blog post, I think we need to re-package our problems and look at things optimistically. So, maybe we can keep the mouse around and start using it as a scapegoat … By the way, it wasn’t me that finished off the last bit of coffee today. It was the mouse (it’s all about fair trade and won’t touch the Folgers, FYI). And I didn’t write a blog post yesterday because the mouse kept distracting me.  You just can’t control nature.

Arriving just in time to help us mouse hunt today was our director of International Field Operations Ryan Iafigliola, who’s been running (or pedaling, more accurately) around the country with the Bike Adventure team. We’re excited to have him back because it means the energy and noise levels in the office will go up by a couple percentage points and decibels … but not TOO excited, because he’ll be re-joining the team on the road again in just a few short weeks.

Speaking of the team, they’re still going strong. Media coordinator (or media guru, as I like to call him … it has a better ring to it) Scott Umstattd continues to send in lots of material for the Bike Adventure blog page, and frequently updates their Facebook page (so keep refreshing your browser). They’re in Eastern Colorado right now, and will be moving on to Kansas shortly. And in the words of FCBA cyclist Anne Troyer, they’re having a great time “ … eatin’ carrots, sittin’ on tractors and changin’ the world." Brilliant.

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