Fifth veteran’s home going up in Shreveport’s Stoner Hill neighborhood

The Fuller Center for Housing of Northwest Louisiana’s 58th new home build will be its fifth in the Stoner Hill neighborhood — all five homeowner partners being veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces.


The Fuller Center broke ground Saturday on the new home for 20-year Army veteran Daniel Baugh, whose home is being sponsored by First United Methodist Church of Shreveport and will be complete in two to three months.

Baugh tells KTBS-TV in the report linked below that the home is “God-given” and “God-sent.”

Editor’s note: The KTBS-TV report is headlined “U.S. Army veteran given a home, now searches for a wife.” The Fuller Center does not give away homes but instead partners with homeowners, who work alongside volunteers and repay the construction costs on terms they can afford with no interest charged or profit made. Those repayments go into a Fund for Humanity to help others in their community get the same empowering hand-up — not a handout.

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  • It’s this verything that makes me so proud to declare my commitment to the Fuller Center!! Looking forward to raising funds for 2018 and FCBA!!


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