Bicycle Adventure offers scholarships to help younger, first-time riders raise funds

(Photo: Mark Murphy on the 2019 Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure)

Mark Murphy knows the rewards of participating in the Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure extend far beyond raising money and awareness for an important ministry and the satisfaction gained by conquering the physical and mental challenges of pedaling a bicycle across the country. The “bunch of strangers” he encountered on his first ride have become friends for life. In fact, the more he rides with the Adventure, the more these friends become family.

Murphy has come up with an idea to not only extend his Bicycle Adventure family in 2020 but also to introduce more people to an experience that can change their lives — Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure Scholarships. These scholarships also honor the memories and lives of good friends.

The scholarships help young, first-time riders get a head start on their fundraising requirements. Qualified applicants may request a certain dollar level (i.e. $500, $1,000, etc.) or a percentage of the requirement that does not exceed 50 percent. The deadline to apply for these scholarships is March 15.

Donors, meanwhile, can contribute to the scholarship fund. With a gift of $2,000, you can create your own named scholarship, subject to FCBA approval.

click here for scholarship details and faq

2020 Bicycle Adventure Leader Courtney Fields and veteran Adventurer Mark Murphy discuss the scholarships in this 7-minute video:

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