FCBA acronyms (FYI)

FCBA is a fast paced, action-packed, cross-country adventure. Or FCBA is an FPAPCCA. Because we move so fast, we have little time for words. Words can only slow us down if spoken in their entirety as Webster tries to force on us. Here are a few of our shortened phrases that helps us get things done in a hurry:

VP-Van People (essentially, Lisa and Scott)
BP-Bike People (everyone on bikes)
BC-Before Cheeseburger
AC-After Cheeseburger
JBS-Just Because Shower. When available and if time permits, we may take a JBS. Typically taken at churches where we spend more than one day.
TBJ-Tall Bike Jonas
SF-Single File. All riders should ride single file on the highways.
RAF-Required Amount of Flair. All riders should wear a minimum amount of FCH swag, stickers, hats and shirts.
DVD-Designated Van Driver. Lisa’s not the only one who drives the van.
NMFR-Not My First Rodeo. Said when one has done something before. 
DVB-Day in the Van Box. All riders put stuff in the van each day. It goes it this box to keep the van clean and organized.
CB-Character Builder. Used after a hard day’s ride or if a rider has to spend time in the van.

NH-No Help. 
WIR-When In Rome. We have to adhere to a lot of different rules at different churches and schools.
SRS-Segment Rider Syndrome. All segment riders suffer from this as they acclimate into the group.
SEE-Sweat Exchange Exercise. Used when people hug at the end of a day’s ride.
HTD-Hug Transmitted Disease. Someone has poison ivy on this trip and it spread. Allen is immune to HTDs.
BBT-Before Breakfast Talk. No one is held responsible for what is said before breakfast.
BYOB-Bring Your Own Bike
MNS-Miles to the Next Stop. Spoken "MNS?"
Life on the FCBA is fast. Speaking in full words is NH.

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