Family in Haiti finds new hope after losing everything

Guidony & Ternelia Guillaume

When the Jan. 12 earthquake hit Haiti, Ternelia Guillaume, 26, was outside in the yard with her 5-year-old son, Jean Guidony, while her newborn Eunice slept inside the house. As the house shook, Ternelia ran inside and scooped the baby up in her arms, bolting out the door as the house completely collapsed behind them.

Her husband Guidony Guillaume, 26, was at work teaching the fifth grade at a local school.

An estimated one million people like the Guillaumes were displaced after the earthquake. But with the help of the Fuller Center, the Guillaumes were able to build a new home.

Ten months after the earthquake, the new home is completed and the family moved in.

This couple lost the house they had lived in since they got married, and all of their belongings, but they thank God that they didn’t lose what is most important to them—each other and their two beautiful children. Eunice is now 10 months old.

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