FAITH IN ACTION: Cameroon leader knows the Greater Blessing of serving others

(This is the latest installment of our “Faith in Action” series. If you have a story of how involvement with The Fuller Center has impacted your faith, please let us know at this link.)

Angu Andreas has always been a Christian and a man of faith. Becoming a man of faith in action, however, has invigorated his spirit like never before.

He says this spiritual uplifting began in January 2015 when he joined The Fuller Center for Housing of Cameroon, one of the ministry’s newer partners on the African continent. Today, he serves as the Country Director for Fuller Center of Cameroon.

“My life has never been the same since I joined this ministry,” said Andreas, who credits Fuller Center President David Snell and Director of International Field Operations Ryan Iafigliola for mentorship and support as he got started. “Each time a house is completely built, there is a feeling of relief and joy on the face of the home beneficiary — such moments remain in my heart forever. I feel like someone’s life has completely changed.”

Andreas said that Christians in Africa are enthusiastic about their worship services, but he believes that only scratches the surface of understanding God. It was only when he began serving others through The Fuller Center that he felt not just a sense of accomplishment but also of enlightenment.

Angu Andreas

“In African regions, we often have the concept that it is when we attend a church service that we can learn how to put the words of God in practice or have a better understanding of the word of God,” he said. “Reversely, I would say I have a better understanding of putting God’s words in actions when we create impact on people’s lives through our actions and work. Working with the community to build decent and affordable homes where underprivileged children, orphans and widows can live happily has been my driving force and motivation.

“I do believe there is greater blessings and inner satisfaction to serve than to be served,” he added. “There is no other work or job which would give me inner satisfaction and motivation that only comes from serving families and transforming lives.”

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