Faith, business partnerships on full display in Indianapolis home build

Faith, business partnerships on full display in Indianapolis home build

Some of the key ingredients for a successful Fuller Center for Housing build are engaged church partners, community-minded corporate sponsors, prospective homeowners willing to seize a hand-up, financial support, and outstanding local leadership.

Thankfully for Holly Stultz and her two sons, all of those elements are coming together during a three-week build by The Fuller Center of Central Indiana. — their local Millard Fuller Legacy Build project for 2023.

She’s a young homeowner, but she has very good support,” said FCH Central Indiana President Merrill Matlock.

Chapel Rock Christian Church, has been actively engaging with the community around its west side location, and this project is now part of its efforts. When lead pastor Casey Scott came to the church a little more than seven years ago, he took a look around at the community and decided his church needed to be more active in leveraging God’s love to uplift those around it. One of the many people the church embraced was Holly Stultz, who has been mentored by church members and who participated in the church’s Parent Life program.

It’s just an incredible ministry that they have,” Matlock said of Chapel Rock. “They’re really serious about community development and helping in all kinds of ways.”

Fortunately, Chapel Rock did not have to look far when it dove head-first into community development. The 27-year leader of Mission Indy, Ron Greiner, is a member of their church. Though he is not on the church staff, Greiner is one of the leaders who has been responding to Pastor Scott’s call for Chapel Rock to engage, develop and uplift the neighbors.

We’ve been working at that as a church, just trying to get out into the community more,” Greiner said. “This community development corporation is just a tool that we believe will help the church be more effective.”

Homeowner partner Holly Stultz (left) and others assemble wall packages Aug. 19 at Chapel Rock Christian Church in Indianapolis.

On August 19, about 100 volunteers assembled in Chapel Rock to assemble wall packages to be used in the current Fuller Center build. They accomplished the feat in about two hours and still had plenty of time to inscribe inspirational messages on the boards — messages that will be covered by drywall but will live forever inside the home. Seeing that home come full circle with the walls they put together provides further inspiration for church members determined to keep putting faith into action.

It’s definitely a boost and encouragement to people,” Greiner said. “My hope is that my church will be more involved as the years go on with The Fuller Center. This won’t be the only thing we do, but I hope it will be one of the things we keep doing.”

Allison Transmission, meanwhile, has been supportive of multiple Fuller Center builds through the years. About 15 volunteers from Allison have been on hand for each day of the build, which also has financial support from D.R. Horton.

They provide volunteers and the lunches,” Matlock said. “They have a media group supporting them. They’ve got a videographer out every day. Some of their management comes out every day. It’s just incredible.”

Andrew Racic, a group leader for Allison’s new 9-speed assembly area, has been on multiple Fuller Center builds and appreciates the bonds and teamwork on display from his colleagues on the job site.

This is my third home build with you guys and Allison, and everybody whether they are hourly or salaried, when you get out there to one of the sites, it doesn’t matter,” he said. “Everybody’s out there for the same cause — to help someone who needs it.

It doesn’t matter what’s going on inside the plant,” Racic added. “Most people don’t even talk about the plant. They’re all just getting to know each other. It’s really just everybody coming together to help people who need it. It’s been another great experience.”

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