'Extreme' help needed

By Chris Johnson
Director of communications

Among the many folks on the road to Americus, Ga., for the fourth annual covenant partner conference is Bob Barker. No, not the former host of “The Price Is Right.” This Bob Barker directs one of our newest Fuller Center covenant partners in the United States — in Joplin, Mo.

Joplin was hit by one of the most devastating tornadoes in American history last year, leveling the town and killing more than 140 people. As with many disasters, aid swooped in and it’s still fresh on everyone’s minds. However, it will disappear from too many people’s radars, and that’s why we’re glad to have a covenant partner there to stick around through the long process of rebuilding.

Fortunately, Joplin hasn’t quite slipped off the radar, as Bob pointed out today as he was on the way to Americus. (I hope you weren’t texting and driving, Bob!) Joplin’s continuing plight will get plenty of publicity Friday night, Jan. 13, as ABC’s hit “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.” The show came to the tornado-ravaged community to give seven families new homes.

Hopefully the publicity generated by the show — which is known for episodes that can bring the even the most stoic to tears — will spur people to help Joplin even more. If people want to bring lasting help to Joplin, there are few better ways than to donate to the Joplin Fuller Center, which is now accepting donations online through our website. Click here to donate and designate your funds for the Joplin Fuller Center.

So, watch the episode. And if you are moved to contribute to an organization run by locals affected by the tragedy, please consider donating to the Joplin Fuller Center.

Click here to learn more about the Joplin Fuller Center.

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