Sen. Edwards returns to El Salvador with The Fuller Center

Keep reading to watch videos of Sen. Edwards working with and speaking to students!

Former Sen. John Edwards paid a holiday visit to Homes from the Heart, the Fuller Center’s partner in El Salvador, where he spoke of the importance of service and rolled up his sleeves to help pour a house.

Edwards’ visit from Dec. 15-18 coincided with students volunteering for alternative winter break – 13 from UCLA and 14 from the University of Cincinnati.

"I have never done anything in my life that is worth more to me than what you are doing right now," Edwards told the students. "This is what you will remember, I promise you. I’ve had every life experience anybody could ever have, meeting presidents … being on aircraft carriers … and nothing compares with this."

It was the third visit for Edwards to El Salvador. He has been speaking with local, evangelic ministers about getting involved, helping to expand regional support and volunteerism.

Local program director Michael Bonderer, who corresponds with Edwards weekly, said the senator came at his request and will continue his support of The Fuller Center in El Salvador.

"Having him engaged helps create energy for The Fuller Center," said Michael. "He’s just a regular guy who’s always been on the side of the poor."

Edwards and the students also attended a preschool graduation. The students live in a village Michael helped build before becoming a Fuller Center covenant partner.

"I always take people there," said Michael. "I want to emphasize that what we do is about building community, not just building houses."

The Fuller Center would also like to thank Carla Kessler from Texas, who donated $5,500 to build a house in El Salvador and was present to help the students with construction.

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