Edgar Stoesz joins Fuller Center's Board of Directors

Fuller Center for Housing President David Snell has announced that Edgar Stoesz has joined The Fuller Center’s International Board of Directors.

Stoesz is a longtime friend of the Fuller family and served four years as chairman of Habitat for Humanity’s International Board of Director in the 1990s, a period that saw tremendous growth of the housing nonprofit’s work.

Stoesz, a native of Minnesota who now lives in Akron, Pennsylvania, has spent most of his adult life in nonprofit leadership, both as a director and employee. He was a staff member of Mennonite Central Committee for 33 years, seven of those as Associate Executive Secretary. He also is the author of numerous books, including such guides for nonprofit boards as “Doing Good Better,” “Setting the Agenda” and “Doing Good Even Better.”

“The Fuller Center is honored that Edgar Stoesz is bringing the wealth of international experience he gained from his long and storied career with the Mennonite Central Committee along with his expertise in issues of board development and function to our Board of Directors,” Snell said. “We are especially pleased that he is taking time from his well-earned retirement to help us find ever better ways of helping families into decent homes.”

Earlier this year, Stoesz published his autobiography, “Finding My Way: A Harvest of Memories” in which he discusses his Mennonite roots and upbringing and the common-sense principles he has applied to his life of service — including how his measured approach to leading Habitat’s board meshed with and complemented the joyous juggernaut that was its CEO, Millard Fuller.

Besides the goal of eliminating poverty housing worldwide, Fuller and Stoesz also had in common both unbridled optimism and a Christian heart for serving others. The optimism is reflected in one of Stoesz’s own proverbs at the end of his autobiography: “In the longer sweep of time, no category of people have been as consistently wrong as the pessimists.”

Stoesz has been a supporter of The Fuller Center since the Fullers founded it as a return to the grass-roots of their affordable housing ministry. He also has been a valuable volunteer on Fuller Center work sites, most recently in April at the Millard Fuller Legacy Build in Louisville, Kentucky, and again last month at the Jackson Street of Dreams Build in Gary, Indiana.


  • hi my name is Keisha Jenkins and I am the long lost fresh air fund kid of edgar and Gladys Stoez now an adult I spoke to Edgar back in 2012 I believe when he informed me that My dear heart Gladys had passed .but I have since lost contact with him and was unable to find the number I had for him for many years if you can please forward this message to him letting him know that I no longer live in N.Y.C but have relocated to Charlotte N.c. and wish to get in touch with him my number is 3475799770 my email is yelzwifey@gmail.com.com my address is 3553 crestridge Dr Charlotte n.c. 28217 please forward this info to him


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