A relaxing, half-century – By Steve Carillo

This morning we departed from Augusta, Ga. after an incredible breakfast provided by Warren Baptist Church. We headed to our new destination 48 miles away, Louisville, Ga. The route to our destination was a smooth one with light traffic and passing only through a few small towns.

We arrived at Louisville right around lunch time nicely greeted and fed by fellow members of the Shekinah Baptist Assembly. They provided very nice accommodations for us so most of us took advantage of them and took a power nap.

Later in the afternoon we drove into the small town where Louisville United Methodist Church had prepared for us a wonderful, healthy dinner that was followed by some delicious homemade peach pie.We met several leaders thatare proudly carrying forward the Fuller Center for Housing organization including Mitch Vaughn who is described by his community as a hard-working family man who is always full of energy.

Mitch enjoys being part of the Fuller Center so much that he even had Millard Fuller’s face as part of a corn maze in his famous corn mazes at Kackleberry Farms last year. (You can read more about that and see a picture here.)

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*Flat Tire Count*

Current riders:     
Aaron Alaman – 3
Brett Safran – 8
Steve Carillo – 0
Chris Cosby – 3
Ivan Cunningham – 0
Kyle Halat – 13
Ryan Iafigliola – 7  
Susan Pratt – 1


Previous Riders:
Abby – 4
Jonny – 0
Leah – 2
Melissa – 3
Olivia – 0
Sarah – 2
Tom – 2
Tony – 0
Mark Benjamin – 0
James Berstein – 0

And if you’d like a moving visual of the food we’ve been enjoying, check this out:


  • A CORN MAZE? Of Millard’s FACE? A-MAZE-ING! Glad you all had a great time in Louisville!

  • So, was that a "moving" visual of the food in terms of motion of the camera or emotion of the eaters?!? As you continue to pedal in the southern heat and humidity our concern for your mental health rises, but this is actually our secret training to make sure you are physically capable of handling Woodward in all his fiestiness when you return. Becky is clearly already in tip top physical condition and the rest of the Peeps go without saying as well. 🙂 We are glad to see that everyone is in GEORGIA! Just three more states to go! Good thing you’re getting so close. The goat on Duplex Side B is really starting to stink up the place. You’re going to need to bring an extra shovel to assist you in opening your bedroom door when you return. Eat lots of milk shakes and high calorie carbohydratey products and sleep well knowing there’s MUCH more where that came from when you get back! We Miss You! EE Peeps

  • As Aaron said, I have an amazing superpower to get flat tires. I believe the count proves it


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