Thank you for extending a hand-up to families in need of simple, decent homes.

Your partnership makes a difference for children like Rocia who are now living in shacks.

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Let’s talk for a moment about the word partnership. That special word, after all, is the very essence of how The Fuller Center operates to empower families.

  • We partner with our homeowner families throughout the building process, giving them a hand-up.
  • We partner with churches to help them put faith into action.
  • We partner with local leaders who know best how to get the work done in their communities.
  • We partner with like-minded organizations to maximize our efforts.
  • And, most importantly, we partner with people like you who believe that everyone should have a simple, decent place to live.

Our principles of partnership are not overarching platitudes. Rather, they are concrete methods that directly impact families — families like little Rocia’s in the rural El Salvadoran community of Nuevo.

Rocia’s family lives in a flimsy shack of tin and plastic that rests perilously on a muddy hillside. Like the dozens of families around them in similar conditions, the kindergartner and her brothers, parents and grandfather worry about potential mudslides and whatever illness or rash will strike next.

But Rocia’s family has new hope — as do her friends and neighbors. One of our new partner organizations in El Salvador (New Story Charity) wants to build 90 safe, new homes for this community. However, they need us on the ground to be the hands and feet to get the work done. We rely on our local leaders in every community, including in El Salvador, to get the work done in the field, and they are excited to tackle this 90-home project.

That’s where our most important partner — you — comes in. We need $100,000 to make this project possible. Our friends at New Story Charity will furnish the rest. This is a golden opportunity to do an awful lot with a little bit of money. But you and I hold the key. We have the power to lift these families out of shacks and into decent homes.

Of course, we’re not just partnering with families and organizations in El Salvador but in 16 countries and more than 60 communities across the United States.

When you support The Fuller Center, you make partnerships come alive:

  • You help a Sunday school group put their faith into action in Perry, Georgia.
  • You help our local team in Peoria, Illinois, partner with veterans desperately in need of basic home repairs.
  • You partner directly with hard-working families in Shreveport, Louisiana, and North Chicago who just need a hand up.

Our partnership with you is important to us, but it’s even more important to those families waiting for simple, decent places to live across our great nation and around the world. With your help, Rocia’s family — and many more just like hers — will experience the comfort and joy that a good home provides.

Let’s join together in the spirit of this Easter season to pool our resources to provide hope for 90 families in the rural El Salvadoran community of Nuevo Cuscátlan. Thank you in advance for your invaluable partnership once again.

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