Distractions – By Chris Cosby

Bear with me here, folks, I’m trying to write the blog while all the other riders are talking around me, today’s stage of the Tour de France is on in the background, and there’s food on the table, so if I lose my train of thought, you’ll know why.

Today we rode a casual 74 miles from our host church in Franklin, Va. to Tarboro, N.C. Before leaving, Ivan and I whipped up a grand breakfast from groceries provided by the church. Scrambled eggs complete with spinach, grilled onions, provolone cheese and 2 pounds of bacon, all topped off with hot sauce and strong coffee (Thanks, Jonny!).

Our route was a straight shot on a two lane country road with meandering hills and plenty of corn fields. Since we didn’t need to be at our host church in Tarboro until after 3:30 p.m., we decided on a milkshake stop at Hardee’s. Can you tell we like to eat?

With tummies filled once again, we struck out for the final 10 miles to our host church, St. Luke’s Church of Christ, where we rolled our bikes into the auditorium and were greeted by 30 or 40 kids, running around and playing. The church’s dayschool program had just brought them back from a visit to the local YMCA, where they worked out. They were more than happy to show off their muscles!

Also meeting us at the church was Don Steffa and his wife Carol. Don will be joining us for tomorrow’s ride. He is only riding one day, but all the money he raises will go to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where Don has been active for years building homes through CONAFA (Congo-North American Friendship Assn.). This is the same country where Millard and Linda Fuller first came up with the idea of "partnership housing" back in the 70s, while they were they doing mission work. See how small the world really is?

This evening, after a wonderful dinner of baked spaghetti, rolls and salad from the ladies of the church, we met with some of thefolks here and talked about how they could get a local Fuller Center started. Judging from the questions they asked, I’d say they are very interested! Then we sat in on their local bible study class, and were even asked to participate. What a great feeling to be welcomed in so many ways. We definitely feel like part of this church family, even if we will only be here for a matter of hours.

Okay, I see some brownies down the table that have been left unattended. Duty calls!

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Hopewell Presbyterian Church
10500 Beatties Ford Rd. 
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  • Seriously Chris… your chicken legs are getting out of control!?!?!?! SORRY for the delay in encouraging words. Becky has been trying her hardest to get put on "extended administrative leave", but to no avail, and Jenni and Al have been out of internet reach in PA for the past week. We’re ALL back on track now and READY with more witty repartee! James says "hi"… actually, he says "mmmmphmmphthsff", but we interepret that as "hi". 🙂 Still no Woodward (the Fed seriously needs to GET ON IT with the permit! At this rate, we don’t plan to pick him up until BC is back from Ecuador unless YOU’D like to go in with him and rake/handle him daily as he adjusts to his new life at the Center… Jenni already said "not it" to that one). Buford wanted to pass along that the glass in the Swamp Exhibit is dirty and awaits your return home to be cleaned. Seriously… how about that backboard? Have you come across it in the last 1,100 miles?!?! NC may be just the place for it to have been stashed. Keep your eyes pealed! We miss you! Safe travels and you’re doing awesome! We’re seeing some GREAT leadership qualities in you. 🙂

  • It was totally at the side of the pool we visited way back in Perry, Ohio. It had all the velcro wrap up by the head immobilizer, just like we ordered! I tried to liberate it, but it was a little obvious under my towel. Since then, we’ve visited four other pools, the latest just yesterday in Raleigh, NC, but no backboards in sight. Man, those things are rare, eh? I’ll keep an eye out, though. I’m certain it’s somewhere between Denton, NC and New Orleans. Makes sense, right?


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