Disaster Rebuilders set up shop in Louisiana, encourage volunteers to join them

Disaster Rebuilders set up shop in Louisiana, encourage volunteers to join them

The Fuller Center Disaster ReBuilders are a fiercely dedicated group. That dedication is leading them to their newest location in 2017: Denham Springs, Louisiana.

Located just east of Baton Rouge, Denham Springs is a small, rural community that was heavily impacted by the disastrous flooding of last August. Bart Tucker, head of Disaster ReBuilders, has observed the damage firsthand, noting that “homes often look fine from the exterior, but the inside would have been flooded with 2-4 feet of water. Drywall, flooring, cabinets, it’s all ruined. It was a hurricane-sized disaster, no question about that.”

“The number of folks that will meet our qualifications is the highest that we’ve seen since Hurricane Katrina, and in contrast the publicity this storm has received has been the lowest that we’ve ever experienced,” says Tucker. The group selected Denham Springs largely due to the fact that it hadn’t received much assistance in the aftermath of the storm.

“It was a hurricane-sized disaster, no question about that.” — Bart Tucker, Fuller Center Disaster ReBuilders

Volunteers are set to arrive in Denham Springs on Feb. 19, and a local horse farm will host them. The farm’s bunkhouse can host 25 volunteers, has a fully equipped kitchen, a fellowship hall, and is surrounded by horses and beautiful scenery. Along with the horse farm opening its doors, Christ Community Church and South Walker Baptist Church are hosting volunteers, as well as cooking meals and supporting the teams during their time in Livingston Parish.

The relief effort will be taking place with the help of S.M.A.L.L Fuller Center, located in Walker, La., as well as Ginger Ford Northshore Fuller Center in Hammond. The Disaster ReBuilders have a track record of success working with Ginger Ford Northshore in the wake of disasters such as Hurricane Gustav (2008), Hurricane Katrina (2011) and Hurricane Isaac (2012).

If you are interested in serving with the Disaster ReBuilders in Denham Springs, more information and registration is available here.

Jessica McClain
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A graduate of Wofford College, Jessica is a communications specialist for The Fuller Center.

9 Comments on "Disaster Rebuilders set up shop in Louisiana, encourage volunteers to join them"

  • Jerrie Williams says

    This opportunity is great! Thank you in advance for your service. My question to your organization is are you all just targeting Livingston Parish? Will your group ever come to East, North, West, south side of Baton Rouge, Clinton, Central La? These areas were strongly impacted as well, my prayer is that all areas be of interest for groups to come and service. I’m excited to see your organization come to La,” build one neighborhood at a time.


    Jerrie Williams, Concern citizen

    • Jessica McClain
      Jessica McClain says

      Hi, Jerrie! This project was researched thoroughly and we have decided to concentrate our efforts in Denham Springs for now. We recognize the need in all the affected areas, and will gladly help anywhere we are able in the future!

      • I’m sorry if this is not the right place to ask But how can my daughter get help With her home she has no help and two children.she doesnt know what to do.she got 6 feet of water

        • Chris Johnson
          Chris Johnson says

          You can email Bart Tucker of the Disaster ReBuilders at bartowt@aol.com

  • Deborah says

    I work but am off on Mondays. I would love to help.

  • Morgan Edwards says

    Has your organization connected with the Cajun Army?

    • Chris Johnson
      Chris Johnson says

      I’m not aware of the “Cajun Army” from here at our Americus, Ga., headquarters. Can you tell us more about them?

      • Sue says

        The Cajun Army was a life saver to hundreds and hundreds of flood victims. If not for them there would have been lives lost on the flood. They helped so many people and continue to help. These men were the heros during the flood. They do have a face book page. Look them up

        • Chris Johnson
          Chris Johnson says

          Thanks, Sue. We’ll definitely let our Disaster ReBuilders know about this group, although I’m sure they’re aware of the Cajun Army’s work since they are now on the ground in Louisiana.

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