A Dedication

This year I am participating in my fifth Bike Adventure. Each time I join the ride I am struck with how varied the experience is. We are still riding bikes but the people and scenery change, even if we know each other from previous trips. Yet, the result of a few days together is always the same, we arelike family. There is something really special about this roving community of about thirty. I’m not sure if it’s the eighty miles a day on the bike or the sleeping on the floor or the pounds of bananas and peanut butter we eat, or the build days where we serve others but the bond which forms is special. I have had tastes of it outside of the rides but nothing quite matches this adventure. 

This year has been no exception. Yesterday, we had the privilege of attending the dedication of the home we worked on the day before. It was a first for me. As the couple gave their thanks to us and The Fuller Center of Greater Toledo, I thought how what we had done, mostly painting, was so simple but such a blessing to the family. I think these trips remind me that sometimes small acts of service can be just as much of a blessing as the big ones. We did nothing earth shattering on Saturday but to Roy and Dee we did. It’s rather humbling to be a part of something like that. Maybe it’s these kinds of things that make this trip so special and what keeps me coming back year after year. 


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