Day Three: Claxton to McRae, Georgia

By Mary Lacksen

Have I lost my marbles?  My family is still not quite sure why I am choosing to ride my bike with the Fuller Center Bike Adventure.  Today after a scrumptious breakfast served hot and early by the fine folks at The First Baptist Church, Ryan offered a devotional about the woman in the Bible who gave everything she had to Jesus.  How often we give from our excess. This woman gave the only coins she had. In a personal story, Ryan shared about playing marbles with two young boys who wanted him to have their precious marbles as he was leaving their humble home. He encouraged our riding group to pay close attention to the gifts we possess, and gave each one of us a marble to carry today to remind us of what we give and receive.

Our third day started under threatening skies. Fortunately the below 90 temps and cloud cover with NO RAIN made the 64 miles journey a bit easier. Some of us are still acclimating to the heat and humidity of Georgia.  Along GA Hwy 280 West we peddled through Daisy, Alamo, Lyons, Vidalia, and Mt Vernon, past cotton and peanut fields, signs for the sweet Vidalia onions, and picturesque pecan orchards. Our faithful sag wagon manned by Tom greeted and refueled us every 22 miles. We were welcomed to McRae by members of both the McRae United Methodist and the First Presbyterian Churches. We were invited into their homes to shower and then fed us a delicious meal back at the church.

I carried my marble and was inspired to observe and greet the people working in their gardens, mowing lawns, or walking along the roads with a wave or hello. Yes, my family thinks I have lost my marbles when I first told them my plans to ride with The Fuller Center, but today I experienced the giving and receiving that is possible when people come together.

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