A Day of Rest In Lewiston, ID

by Tom Tebbe

Today was a day off of the bikes, resting in Lewiston, Idaho. Members of the group dispersed to various churches in the neighborhood of the Congregational Presbyterian Church. Several of us went to the Riverfront Church for a contemporary service. Having been raised Catholic with a lot of ritual, biblical passages, and doxology, I spent much of the service reflecting on the many ways that people acknowledge God and give thanks for the bounty in their lives.

Some services are solemn and full of ritual, others have ritual and lively music, and others focus on praise through music with some time for a message on a bible passage. Being on an adventure across the country with people of different faiths and sometimes different religions offers the opportunity to explore the variety of faith practices, commune with other believers, and celebrate our relationship with God.

We give thanks to all of the church communities in Lewiston who fed us wonderful meals, welcomed us into their communities, and served us so we can continue to ride and support the mission of the Fuller Center for Housing to eliminate poverty housing.  

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