A Day In the Back of the Pack

By Alex Motley
2012 Bicycle Adventurer

As I was sweeping, or riding in the back of the pack and making sure everyone makes it to our destination in a decent shape, with Miranda today, I was thinking about what exactly it is that the Fuller Center does, and why we are riding. A lot of things in modern culture will try to shove concepts and ideas into your mind through devices like the TV, internet, and maybe even the news feed on your iPhone, but this isn’t always the best way to communicate with people. The Fuller Center meets with people on a very personal level to show them that they are worth more than the impoverished state that they are in to a Father who loves them in so many ways that I may never be able to experience them all. We don’t only ride to throw our legs over a bicycle and waste away our day going through the highways and byways of the United States, we ride because we want to show people this uncontainable love that has been so freely given to us, and that anyone can just as freely receive.

Millard Fuller had such a giving heart, and that is a great concept of communication. He was not willing to tell people that “God loves you!” and then walk away and pray that they may get saved, rather, he was willing to smash his thumb with a hammer and drive nails through boards that will hold walls for a family to be raised in. The concept of communicating by hard work and a lot of love has started to die off in America, but I believe that the Fuller Center is here to bring some love back to this world and not just sit there and watch it fade into the distance.


  • Alex, Wow! One could sit and contemplate for days what the Fuller Center truly does to better the world. Alex, I feel that you so eloquently described the ‘cornerstone’ of the Fuller Center’s foundation. I will share this blog with my Facebook friends. Jeff

  • What a great message and just think you get to ride too! Keep pedaling!


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