Day 6: The Reason I Ride

By Sherry Dire

What would possess someone to sign up to use their vacation time to join a trip that requires getting up at 4:30am to spend hour upon hour in the hot sun pedaling a bike or working on a home build? For my husband and I, the answer to this question is the desire to combine a passion for long distance cycling with the desire to spend  time in this world serving others and making beautiful memories with those that God puts in our path.  It seems our hearts are most full when we are serving, looking beyond our own desires, and finding ways to touch the hearts of others for the glory of God.  It is with a very full heart that I sit here writing today because I know that being part of The Fuller Center Bike Adventure is a gift that God has showered upon myself and the rest of our team out of His great love for us. 

The build day yesterday, the complete reroofing of that home, is a physical representation of the impact The Fuller Center is having on the world.  However, I strongly believe that the most magnificent work The Fuller Center is doing every day on this trip is the building of our lives, the transforming of hearts, and the restoration of hope that we all can leave this world a better place than we found it. 

The other great gift this adventure is giving us is that we are daily seeing that the body of Christ in America is very much alive and continuing to selflessly serve.  Our 100 mile ride today ended in Lanett, Alabama at the community center where we were given a very warm welcome by the local Fuller Center Covenant partner as well as the mayor.  Dinner was excellent, the pool opened just for our use, and cots were set up for us to sleep on.  What an amazing way to see and be reminded of the goodness in our country!  Thank you Lanett community and thank you Father!


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