Day 51: Me Day

By Susan Pratt.

Ah! A rest day in Boise. I love the community and could easily move here. I decided to have a "me" day. I had no agenda. Too often I get into a fog as I create an agenda and strive to do all that I wish for that day. Today was different. I woke up and was invited by Kert to breakfast at Goodys. We had a great time and met a couple that we chatted with for quite some time...mostly about Idaho and the Fuller Center. Then we headed to mass at the First Presbyterian Church. After church, I spoke with a number of people about the FCBA and my experiences. Then, my adventure began. I pulled on my tennis shoes and began walking in nonspecific direction. I ended it at the Julia Harris Park where I went to the zoo, watched some great tennis, hit a few balls, stopped to sit on Abraham Lincolns lap and stopped to talk to so many people. Today my goal was to be spontaneous and just take advantage of every opportunity that comes before me. I stopped to smell the roses, looked at the architecture of the city, talked with people and just stopped to take a photo once in a while. To often,no am concerned with how far I go or what I accomplish. Today, I was focusing on the journey itself. The word agenda was not in my vocabulary and this gave me such a greater appreciation for all that is around me.

As the day is coming to a close, I think about our journey on the FCBA. We have all taken the risk to walk away from their daily agenda and into a world far different than any other experience we have ever had. Yes, we are focused on reaching Vancouver (it's Grand Coulee for me), but we are more focused on the journey itself. We make every effort to experience each community, to interact with its people, to appreciate the topography of the miles and miles we have cycled through, to smell the fragrant air and to feel the wind against our face. We have become so much more sensitive of our surrounding. We have also become more s
ensitive to the needs of others. I can only speak for myself, but I am gaining a love for life as it is, not as I wish it to be. Sometimes I just need to sit back and not get so engulfed in my I am really beginning to focus on the journey. Thanks FCBA. You not only help to build homes, but also you build an appreciation for the needs of others. Thank you Dan Zassick for your care package of bike essentials.

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