Day 50: Little Did I Know

By John Johnson

"Little did I know" that I would be riding my bike for a week in far flung Utah and Idaho for a charity to eliminate provery housing.  An enormous distance of over 400 miles to a charity I had thought was for giving to people who couldn’t or wouldn’t help themselves.  "Little did I know." After learning more about the Fuller center, its founders, its mission and just about everything else you can imagine, I found myself on this bandwagon. Not only is the organization Christian based and aligned with helping those in need, they are front and center doing something about it. By bringing awareness through this Bike Adventure which started in Savannah, Georgia and will end in Vancouver, Canada many are finding out about the organization and how they can individually help. Now getting back to the bike adventure. This has been also one of those "little did I know" situations. Who would think churches and schools would allow complete strangers to use their buildings for sleeping or to take showers. But that is exactly what is happening all along the route to Canada. And in most cases church parishioners are providing food or other means of assistance. It renews my faith in the human spirit to see others helping a group such as ours in its mission.  

The rides themselves are challenging at times, both from a physical and mental standpoint. If you didn’t log in some saddle time before you got here, you are going to have a sore bum. Nothing can prepare you for that. The wind for me was the most challenging. Usually you can coast some of the times while cycling, but if the wind is at your face, you will have few precious minutes to coast. (For you non cyclists – that’s when you can replenish some of your lost energy). The mental aspect lies in dealing with mile after mile of the same terrain and the isolation of feeling like you are a man on an island. Someone told me, I believe it was Tom, who said " you have to like yourself to be a long distance rider" – because you’re going to be out there with your thoughts for a long time. Thanks Tom.  I have found that I do like myself and I found that my fellow bikers like themselves as well. This is indeed a group that I would stand by, they are achievers and they find ways to preserve. I want to thank everyone for being who they are and for your acceptance of me into this adventure. And again, "little did I know" that on the eve of my last ride with the group that I would already be missing all of you.  I am glad that a good friend told me about this adventure.

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