Day 5: First Build Day

By Jaime Riedinger

Sorry this is a little late. Our time in Americus was a whirlwind. Americus is the headquarters for The Fuller Center, and thus there was plenty to do and see while there. Wednesday was our first day off of biking but far from a day off. We worked with the Americus Fuller Center Covenant Partner to help repair a house that had been damaged when a tree fell on the roof from a tornado. The family was forced to move out and so the goal is to get them back in their home. The majority of the group worked on the roof. The old roof was removed, weak and soft boards replaced and the new roof hammered into place. Some very determined men and women worked incredibly hard to finish it all in one day. Some other members of the group, myself included worked inside to repair drywall that had been damaged by water leaking from the roof. Completing both these tasks were huge steps in getting the family closer to moved back in.

While in Americus we also got to meet and talk with a number of people who work with and for the Fuller Center. Linda Fuller fed us lunch and shared a little of her and Milliards story. In addition we ate dinner at the President of the Fuller Center’s house along with other board members, staff and volunteers. Getting to see and talk with so many who are so passionate about the Fuller Center and its cause was just the encouragement and inspiration we needed as we continue our journey and mission.

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