Day 4: Love Thy Neighbor

By Lori Harrison

I woke up today with a spirit of excitement as we were one day closer to our first build day in Americus, GA, a spirit of gratefulness as we have been loved on by so many people already and were getting ready to enjoy another delicious breakfast with the folks from the Presbyterian Church in McRae, GA, and a spirit of unknowing as I had never ridden 90 miles before on my bicycle.  In God’s faithfulness, He gave me the strength that I needed and the support that I needed from my teammates that are a part of The Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure.  I believe that God has placed each rider and support person specifically together for His purposes and I love to see how His work unfolds each day that we continue on this adventure. 

We had dinner tonight at Williams Road Church of Christ in Americus, GA with help from many other local churches.  As we were eating, one of the ladies mentioned that she could never do what we do.  My response to her was that she was doing what we were doing – "Loving your neighbor as yourself".  As they are feeding us – complete strangers – they are loving their neighbors.  As we ride, raise money, build, and speak to people of the mission of the Fuller Center, we are loving our neighbors.  It may take on a different shapes, but everyone can love their neighbor in their own way.  You don’t have to ride a bike across America (which is pretty cool if you ask me, a little crazy, but cool), but YOU can do something to help your neighbor.  What has God gifted you with?  Whatever it is, you can use that to "Love your neighbor as yourself"!

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  • Well put Mary! It was a blessing to meet you and an honor to ride and work alongside you.


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